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Level Buddy

Level Buddy is a CSG level modeling workflow add on for Blender 3D. It takes inspiration from old school editors like UnrealEd and DoomED. Level Buddy reduces iteration time while letting you test out ideas quickly and easily.

  • Easy to use tools and interface.
  • Auto texture/UV unwrap in world space.
  • CSG modeling techniques including additive and subtractive inspired work flow.
  • NOT BSP, you are work with poly meshes at all times. When you build the map you get a static poly mesh not a BSP tree of faces.
  • Build and export your map to FBX with 1 button, great if you are working with Unity or any external game engine.
  • Blender 2.78 now supported. Level Buddy now works with the new version of Blender 2.78.

***Update Version 1.2

- added FBX export options. This is great if you are using Unity or any other external game engine. Build and export with 1 button click.

- added remove material feature that will remove faces with a specific material applied when the map is built.

- added auto UV mapping as an option.

- added option to flip map normals when the map is built.

- added the ability to build the map while in edit mode.

- added in the ability to tag sectors and brushes to a layer (A or B) to fix boolean operation orders where they had problems generating proper openings/connections when the map would be built.

- hid the light setting properties for the time being as they were dependant upon material node setups that were specific to a personal project I was doing. If you still need them you can jump into the code and uncomment out that code in the draw panel function. But in the long run I will be moving them out of this script and into another script.

- added support for Blender 2.78

note: Addon is still in development so there might be a few bugs here and there.

Version 1.0 is still available to download below.


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LevelBuddy 1.2 9 kB
LevelBuddy 1.0 8 kB


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Been at this biz for a couple years more than you. But you and I share a primary influence. This is just amazing man. I think I need to finally learn me some blender haha.

this so helpful.

btw. how can you see through walls when you are editing?

Wow, this is actually super helpful! thank you! might use this for another game someday.

Well where is a blender and where do you find it

how do i use it it wont open

It's an addon for Blender 3d so you install it through blender.

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Thanks for the very handy tool!

I am using it to create old-school fps levels. So far the sectors work flawlessly but I had problems with the brushes. Something went wrong during build map so I had to reset the location, rotation and scale of every brush after finishing the layout. This way they did not get distorted during the build process. I leave this here in case somebody bumps into the same problem.

Edit: The problem came back so I looked into the python code. There are 2 functions which do some rounding. I changed both of them to round to 2 decimals instead of 1. This solved the geometry displacement for me.

Edit: I encountered another problem with substractive meshes. Sometimes they break the whole thing for some unknown reason. A simple substract window copy messed up the whole save file. I had to reload a previous state.

I get problems with the substractive mesh too. Did you check if the mesh normals of your substractive brush are pointing outward? Sometimes it solves the problem.


Normals should be okay by default. I suspect there is some limitation in blender or the plugin. Sometimes simple brushes connect in a way that breaks the script. Other times I get a very thin layer on one side of the substracted doorway for example and cannot place a floor under. With some tweaking they work. I will leave the rest for post-edit.

As for the window problem I do not know what was the cause but I remade the whole thing and now it works nicely. I have to admire the simplicity of creating free-form window sockets.

Do you have screenshots?

Very nice tool!

Updated WOOO!

Thank you for this update! This tool is really handy!